Person Record

Each person shown on the People List has an underlying AMT Person Record which includes imported and supplemental data added by AMT users.  To exist in the AMT Person List and have a Person Record, the individual must have a PU ID.  At this time, it is not possible to create a Person Record for an individual who lacks a PU ID. 

Once a person is selected from the list, the individual's Person Record is displayed.  The Person Record organizes information and tasks in a series of tabs.  Each tab includes a toolbar with filters and buttons and displays information as Cards or Grids

Cards display a compact set of information.  Cards may include fields which can be completed by authorized AMT users. 

Grids display information in an Excel-like layout of columns and rows.  Some Grids allow the addition or removal of rows.  All Grid tabs can be exported to Excel.

Working with the Person Record

Person Record Overview video