Person Record > Information


The Information tab provides a set of cards about a person from a job and career perspective. This tab is visible only to AMT users who are assigned the People Manager role AND who have access to the person in HCM and/or CS. The cards displayed on this tab change depending on the AMT Person Type

Security:  The Information tab displays only if the user has access to the person in the source system.  Additionally, certain cards are presented based on source system security.

Data:  The Information tab presents data from PeopleSoft HCM, CS and data entered by AMT users.


Job Card

The Job Card displays current Job data from PeopleSoft HCM (Job).  One card is presented for each job record.  If a person has a Job Record 0 and a Job Record 1, e.g. Lecture appointment, the Job Card displays both records, one below the other.

CV Card

The CV Card is unique to AMT.  This card allows the user to upload, store and view a person’s CV in AMT

Notes Card

The Notes Card is unique to AMT.  This card allows an AMT user to add, edit and delete notes about a person.  This card should not be used for sensitive personnel data. 

Academic Card

The Academic Card displays a set of imported PeopleSoft CS data about students. 

AI Hours Card

The AI Hours Card displays the current and past AI Hours for a graduate from imported PeopleSoft CS data.  The card displays AI Hour totals by term and overall.