Department Plan

AMT will include functionality to create and manage multi-year department plans to support administrative operations, teaching and research. Academic and business managers will have the ability to locally manage department planning categories, and view current and anticipated fund utilization.

Automatically Import Commitments

Department Plan will integrate with the AMT Commitments component, providing direct import and views of multi-year department commitments. Commitments will automatically load from the Commitments component into the Department Plan, eliminating the need to track separately and enter commitments into a Department Plan.


Create and Manage a Department Plan

  • Locally define and name expense categories e.g. Graduate programs, renovations, startups, searches
  • Map and locally name specific chartstrings, groups of Funds or Programs to plan categories to enable plan vs. actuals tracking
  • Group funds and view usage according to your locally defined plan categories
  • View a summary of all departmental funding sources - commitments, centrally managed and locally managed non-sponsored funds
  • Automatically calculate departmental balances which account for commitments and planned purchases locally entered into AMT Commitments component
  • Input local notes and reminders to share with Department Chair
  • Create and email a departmental plan report to Department Chair

Monitor Department Plan

  • Import chartstring actuals and compare plan to actuals in summarized and monthly views
  • Create local budgets by plan category or fund – Input anticipated expenses and allocate the expenses over specific time periods
  • Select and apply endowment payout, graduate student package and other rates to a projection using built-in rate escalation assumptions
  • Refresh a plan outlook with the latest actuals
  • Add and view plan notes
  • Copy an existing plan and create a new one