Faculty Projections

The Faculty Projections component provides the ability to create a financial and staffing projections for a faculty member (PI) or members (Co-PIs).  Prime Financial and Labor Accounting Actuals (revenue and expenses) are imported and presented in each projection.  Create projections based on your insight to aid with faculty member planning and decision-making. 

Faculty Projections functions are currently being tested by select Grants and Academic Managers.  AMT Faculty Projections is available for general use.  

Automated Projection Imports and Calculations

  • Prime & LA Actuals by month (ITD, YTD)
  • Actual expense rate averages over user-defined time periods, burn rates
  • Personnel - labor distribution charges, End Dates, Lab Groups
  • Award & Project information, Start Dates, End Dates, Obligated/Anticipated Amounts
  • Standard Institutional rates (ORPA and Provost rates)
  • Direct (F&A) and indirect costs
  • Faculty Commitments (startup, internal funding etc.)
  • Expected balance inclusive of faculty commitments (in/out)

Ability to Build & Customize Projections

  • Create one or more projections for one or more PIs
  • Filter by Sponsored and Non-sponsored funds, Projects and/or Programs
  • Adjust projections future months
  • Add TBH Personnel
  • Person Support change impact scenarios (by Lab Group)
  • On-demand refresh of actuals
  • Select and apply escalation rates
  • Add what-if scenarios
  • Label a chartstring or group of chartstrings
  • Include/ Exclude chartstring(s)
  • Add comments, notes and attachments

Quick Tools

  • Monthly Projection Checklist & Notes
  • Future Point-in-Time expected balance estimator
  • Quick expense & FTE calculator
  • Download projection data to Excel