People and Groups

The AMT People component brings together a comprehensive list of all personnel (DOF, HR, Graduate Students, Undergrads, DCU/Guests and others) and additional Person Record information about them.  This information is updated every night.  

View Comprehensive Data…

  • Graduate Student Milestones
  • Faculty Job, Leaves, Administrative Posts and Committees
  • Advising for a person (Advisor/Advisee)
  • Comprehensive Teaching for a person (Person AI Hours, Course information)

Upload/ View a person’s

  • Photo
  • CV
  • Notes and Attachments

Add and view departmental information for a person…

  • Possible End Date change
  • Post-Princeton Contact and Job 
  • Supplemental Contact 
  • Potential future leaves
  • Awards, Specialization, Field of Study and Training
  • Graduate Student Committee Schedules